Most advertisers and their agencies have one method or another of keeping track of their outdoor advertising programs. Most use spreadsheets or database programs like access. GoOutdoorAds has developed a proprietary private extranet site which is a web based system called MediaTrac© that allows for managing every aspect of an outdoor program all in one convenient place. The MediaTrac© operating system is the most advanced system of its kind in the world.

We use MediaTrac© to manage the day to day operations of your outdoor program and provide you access, via a secure extranet connection, (for our long term directional clients only) to all important data relating to your outdoor program.

While most of the extranet functions are read only, some functions are interactive. Things like art requests, art approval, and maintenance requests can be executed on the extranet site or by communicating directly with your GoOutdoorAds Account Executive.

Information Available To You

  • Maps of your billboard locations
  • Photos of your billboards (close-up and approach)
  • Billboard contract information
  • Maintenance reporting and tracking
  • Art requests and production tracking
  • VAI (visibility adjustment index) rating for all billboards contracted for 12 month or longer
  • Current artwork for each billboard for which OutdoorAds has ordered a vinyl in the past


GoOutdoorAds uses Google and custom mapping to plot your billboards on an easily understandable map. The flat surface of the half moon icons depict the direction that your billboard is facing. Competitors may even be added to assist you in placement strategy.

Once a market ride is completed, we will post photos of your billboards to your extranet site page. Along with these photos is contract information such as space rate and contract start and end dates. Once you have ordered a vinyl from us, the copy on that vinyl will be displayed beneath the POP photos for reference.

Any production request and subsequent vinyl order will be posted on the extranet site for you to track the progress of your order. All old orders are archived.

If a maintenance work order is created for one of your boards, it will show up on your extranet site so that you can monitor the progress of the work being done. All old orders are archived.