GoOutdoorAds is very appreciative to be working with some great clients. Below are a few testimonials of some of the clients we have had the pleasure to do business with.

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Gerald Johnson, FATZ Southern Kitchen

I contacted GoOutdoorAds when we were first starting out. I found that they were extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. Together we went from a hand full of stores to almost 50 stores today. Our directional billboards are the best in the market and really help us drive in traffic. GoOutdoorAds knows the billboard business like we know the restaurant business.

Claire Brimmer, Pulte Homes

GoOutdoorAds helped us implement a solid billboard program and helped us become the number one Home Builder in Atlanta. When the economic down-turn hit, GoOutdoorAds was able to help us negotiate lower rates so that we could keep our strong outdoor presence in the market.

pulte homes
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Tonya Gardner, Pilot Travel Centers LLC

We have used GoOutdoorAds since 2001 to help us with a variety of billboard related services. From providing market rides and buying our directional billboards to providing data systems to help us manage our outdoor program. Their MediaTrac software helps keep a handle on our 600+ billboards. We also use the art and design departments along with their vinyl production services. GoOutdoorAds is a key partner and one of the reasons we have such a great billboard program.

Tammy Hart-Coon, Strand Development

You’re the best Danny. Thank for all you do! Appreciate you passing so much savings onto my side of things. I’ll make sure I let Supertel know that’s how well you negotiate and that we’re paying what they did back 3 years ago for that board.

strand development
colorwheel paint

Erin K. Homs, Color Wheel Paint

GoOutdoorAds offers a tremendous service, best locations and your prices are awesome!. Thanks for sending me lots of great locations to chose from! You make this process much easier than working directly with the outdoor companies.

Thomas C. McDonald, Jr., Hampton Inn & Suites

We use GoOutdoorAds to manage all functions of our billboard program. With five large properties to run, we simply don’t have the time nor the expertise to handle the billboard program. GoOutdoorAds negotiates very low rates for not only our billboards, but we pay almost half of what used to pay for production. They are truly interested in our business and want us to succeed. They are great partners to have on our team.

hampton inn & suites