The super king size bus posters are an exterior display appearing on the street side of a bus. Copy is printed on self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive vinyl and affixed directly to the side of the bus.


Overall Size: 30” H x 240” W

Copy Area: 28” H x 238” W


Printing – Lithography or screen printed or digital. Copy bleeds on all sides.

Stock – Fasson Transit Vinyl or Fasson Transit Vinyl II, FLEXcon BUSmark, or 3M Controltac film must be used.

Inks – Weatherproof/waterproof vinyl inks, including UV inks.

Mechanicals – Mechanicals should be scaled 1/8” to 1”. Digital output resolution 300 dpi.

Production Cont.

Sections – Commonly produced in four sections. The printed area of each section is 60” wide. Sections overlap 1/2”, left on right, so section 1 is 30” x 60” and sections 2,3 and 4 are 30” x 60 1/2” including overlap area. To avoid splitting copy or illustration, uneven widths are also acceptable.

Overage – Fifteen percent over the number of posters indicated for the program is required for every 16 week period.

Delivery – Ten working days prior to posting date.

Other – For maximum durability, conventional or UV clear top-coating should be applied to poster surface.