Spectaculars are large and elaborate, non-standard structures custom-designed to gain maximum attention through such eye-catching special effects as: neon tubing, fiber optics, backlit panels, hydraulic movement, video screens, message centers, three-dimensional sculpted features, incandescent lamps, strobes, transparencies, and various digital graphics.

Primary Uses

Spectaculars are created by special design teams and erected at locations of mass consumer exposure, such as New York’s Times Square or Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip. They are also used in areas where there is visibility to several major highways at the same time, such as expressways in major downtown areas.


These boards are available in major cities (downtown areas, airport vicinity) on a custom lease basis.

Research/Market Information

In most major markets, circulation is verified by TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau).

Method of Purchase

Spectaculars are purchased with special contracts, typically for a long-term lease.