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07 Jun 2013

Fake Outdoor Advertising Campaign

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Have you noticed a billboard asking you to choose George Bush or Barrack Obama for the new face of Mount Rushmore?  You might have guessed it was fake, but many Americans expressed their opinions by casting a vote online.

This social experiment’s intention was not to gauge the popularity of each president.  Rather, it was a test campaign which measured consumer responses to out-of-home advertising.  Although the campaign existed in only four cities throughout four weeks, the survey generated almost 18,000 user sessions, proving that people really do pay attention to out-of-home advertising.

Read more about this campaign here.

03 Jun 2013

Out-of-Home Ads Reach 3 in 4 American Adults

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Kevin Hanson, with OutdoorAds, finds the latest Arbitron Study relevant for any business looking to validate adding outdoor advertisement to a marketing plan.  Whether eating at an advertised restaurant, shopping at an advertised store, or visiting an advertised website, among other businesses’ advertisements, the study reveals that 84% of Americans riding or driving in vehicles notice billboards.

The article also explains that more than half of responding consumers admit to making important purchasing decisions while away from home, providing an opportunity for billboards and other outdoor advertisements to make an impact during these “crucial decision-making times”.

Click here to learn more about this study.

28 May 2013

The Science Behind the Art of Outdoor

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A recent study, “The Science behind the Art of Outdoor” provided insight to the impact digital outdoor advertising has on has on consumers’ likelihood to purchase.  Neuroscientists measured the brain responses of over one hundred consumers as they interacted with billboards around West London.  In short, they found that people have more positive emotional reactions to advertisements that are BIG and in a unique location, utilize dynamic digital imagery, and display energetic creativity.  Read more about this study here.

20 May 2013

Effective Out-of-Home Advertising

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Kevin Hanson loves the creative genius of Out-of-Home advertising. This puts the axiom of 7 words or less to the challenge.

An insecticide company ccalled ORPHEA created a billboard or rather a bug-trap to show the effectiveness of their product. Click the link to read the article and view a video.

24 Apr 2013

Make a Statement in Seven Seconds

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The  article,  Advertising Clinic: 6 Tips For Better Banking Billboards,  provides some valuable insight to creating a good billboard design.  Keep it simple, use contrasting colors and  have a simple to read “call to action” tag line.  The average billboard viewer has seven seconds to read and absorb the advertising message….so get right to the point!   Keep in mind, the best billboard location in the market will not make up for poorly designed creative.
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